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    DNP and EQ. what do you guys think?

    i'm planning on starting DNP tomorow (wed.) for 10 days 250mg twice a day (once at 9am and again at 9pm). on friday, i want to start taking equipoise 200mg once a week for 10 weeks. for the seven days that i'm running both "suppliments", are there any dangers?? also, will i still get the same results from both dnp and eq?

    i'm figuring the dnp will cut me while the eq will maintain hardness and preserve my muscle and what not. does this sound legit? please respond fairly quickly...trying to make up my mind.

    i'll be posting my experiences and results about every other day once i start.

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    u wont lose muscle on DNP ......JMO ,no need to run AS since u feel weak to even lift so save the gear but thats up to you...... JMO

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    if you have a lot of muscle to start with then you'll lose a good amount on dnp , but not nearly as much as t3 and normal dieting.

    200mg/wk of eq? you should rethink this cycle...

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