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Thread: GNC Product?

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    boywonder10101 is offline Associate Member
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    Question GNC Product?

    Does anyone remember what the name of the product at GNC that takes steroids out of your body? Do they still have it? Does it work?

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    nickm748 is offline Associate Member
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    May 2005
    Only thing I can think of is that drink but its like 50$ and Im pretty sure it wont work for juice

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    Gaucho77 is offline Associate Member
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    If you are looking to get roids out of your system look up at the sticky posts in this section.

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    turbocleanse....make sure you ask them, "Whats a good product to take to get rid of your toxins" DONT say its for a drug test, or they will deny the product. (I work at GNC haha)

    but yea that stuff DEFINITELY works.

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    GNC still has some good cleansing products. You can get them cheaper than the listed price if you know what you are doing. Generally the mark-up is good on those products, so a franchised GNC store will work some on price. Just don't ask for something to pass a drug test cuz they can get in trouble if they sell you something after you ask that question. The post above was correct, just ask for a good cleanser to rid the body of toxins. They'll know what you are talking about.

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    i dunno, i would not trust a GNC product to be my reliable way of passing a steroid test.

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