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Thread: Drug Testing

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    Question Drug Testing

    In the morning today for a job I was told to go in and take a physical. Though when i got their it was given with a drug test. The drug test was a piss and a hair sample test. On the sheet i was given it says that they were testing for Cocaine Methamphetamine, Opiates, PCP, and Marijuana. Though AS was not one of the options do you think they will test for it? I was on deca and A-bombs. Just got off deca 3.5 weeks ago. And If it does come up can I do anything. Is their any legal supplement I can say i was taking?

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    as far as the A.S. showing up...........i cant help you there, but if it does you can say you took some Andro or DHEA they will give a false possitive some times(and if it did, it would show as deca too so you would be safe IMO)

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