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    Apr 2004

    spent the night in the hosiptal..........not problems ever is it the prop

    i went to the hospital yesterday with heart attack like symptoms ..........tooke a ekg and blood tests all abnormal........but in the end it was nothing , my heart got inflamed adn thats i dont do any coc, i smoke a lilttle pot which i aditted to but they said that thats not a problem, also they asked if i toke steroids but i denied i no everything is confadential but im 21 years old and this is very abnormal so i don't know what it is, i have had palpatations befor(heart races) but nothing like this, i was told it happenes and should not have nething to worry about because i most likely have gotten a virus in my chest and this caused my heart to react and it inflamed but i had taken my first delt shot days befor in my left shoulder and this hapened yesterday??? I dont know what to thinking discontinue AAS use for a very long time even permantly even though im almost certin it is not from that but i am not sure also.......?

    *****I have no family history........and i did not make it clear that when i got released that i was told that i got a virus in my chest and thats why i got the inflamation.......
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    thats your heart bro. even if it was form the steroids , y even continue the use of them and have a chance of dieing. i would discontinue the use but not give up on them maybe chill for a year or so and see how your body is

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    why would you ever want to lie to your doctor.. he/she is trying to help you.
    your doc would be able to ansewr your questions better than anyone here.. i don't think i would start again until i talked to a doctor..
    did he say you having a heart attack was unlikely, and not to worry about it??
    if not, then what if the worst happens.. think about your family. JMO

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    yea seriously, you arent going to be able to enjoy the steroids if your dead or they ar edoing more harm than good, and in your case bro it would be wise to discontinue use for awhile.. and since you sem to be prone to heart problems when you do go back on TELL your doctor and get him to supervise you.

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    when i was 21 i took some caffeine pills and ended up in ER for my heart.

    have you started eating/taking/drinking something recently that you arent used to?

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    should have told your doc.. then maybe you wouldnt be so fuzzy on the subject..

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by hellapimpin
    should have told your doc.. then maybe you wouldnt be so fuzzy on the subject..
    yep yep

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    Denying gear use in a situation like this is not an intelligent thing to do.

    Not in the least bit.


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    droddy is offline Junior Member
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    I agree, just tell him bro! He's not going to do anything but that might be the missing puzzle piece...

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    Test prop gave me some panick attacks. It was freaky. Maybe you're getting them too.

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    definitly need to revaluate your choices here.....cause not knowing what the deal is...could be the end of you....good luck bro

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