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Thread: dnp questions.

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    dnp questions.

    hey all, been on dnp for close to 2 weeks@ 400mg. doing a cutting cycle right now.
    750,g test-e,tren , igf-1, and a little dnp (just for fun)
    now in the last 2 weeks I have been sweating like a pig all the time,
    but I figure between the mirrior, tape measure and scale I have lost about 5 lbs. these are good results but, they are not as good as people say they are.
    so my questions are:
    1. do people lie about there results, and 5lbs is great?
    2. how long can dnp be ran? I here 2 weeks, 1 week as long as you can take it. what is safe?
    Thanks bros. and btw, diet and trainning is right on

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    have you considered that you might possibly be gaining positive weight as you loose the fat? and I think a lot of people get different results just like they do with anything we take.

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    I doubt that people lie, i just finished my 5th DNP cycle yesterday, it was 3-4 weeks at 800-1000mg/day and i lost a shitload of fat! Will weigh myself when water drops.

    Also you could simply be replacing the fat you lost with WATER, so wait a week after your DNP cycle.

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