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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    I use to work out, about a year ago, i did goto the gym a few times but was never really consistant. When i was working out i was 5'11 weighin in at 185 lbs. I was takin deca 300 and winstrol v. I really like what I got from that, but i have only done once cycle in my whole life.

    But due to some family problems and I was out of the country and busy with school and work I was unable to work out.

    Right now im 5'11 weighing about 220, out of shape. (i gain and lose weight real quick) I want to get back down to 185-190.
    I made a workout schedule, tell me what you guys think:

    Sunday - Chest and triceps
    Monday - Biceps and back
    Tuesday - Run
    Wednesday - Shoulders and Traps (week 2 legs)
    Thursday - Run

    My goal is to lose 35 pounds but have a nice build and to not look like tyrone biggums from chappelle show .

    One questions is how much should i run? and for how long? 20 mins? or powerwalk for 30 mins? which is better? which burns more fat and faster?

    I am going to monitor my nutritional intake very carefully.
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    i would work legs every week. if u want to lose weight u should do the cardio in the morning, 30-45 mins on empty stomach. a descent pace jog is good enough. nothing to fast though.

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