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    First injection yesterday and still sore

    I took my first injection of test-cyp and deca yesterday. 1 cc of each in the same needle, took it in the left delt and still sore. Do you think because there both oil based that it still hurts. No blood or swelling thoe.

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    Get used to that. its gonna be sore. You won't even feel it before too long.
    and 2 cc's in the delt is a bit much.

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    dude i think it hurts because everybody reacts differently to steroids , and in most people test hurts a lttle, prop is the worst, but any test might leave ya feeling a little sore for a few days, yu really wanna know pain try test suspension or winnni, waterbased shots, trust me bro those hurt much much worse. anyway its nothing to be worried about, you are shooting anabolic steroids and your a little sore, its to be expected. enjoy it, think of it as feeling it working even though its not

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    Yeah last time I tried 2cc's in the delt it was sore for like 3 days...No more than 1.5 for me bro...

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    I would start out with one cc in each delt, and just work your way up from there. The pain is probably caused by the concentration of the test. For me, the more concentrated (per ml) it is, the more it hurts.

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    It's from the ba(alcohol) content...

    During my first week or 2 into my cycle I will have soreness the next day or so after injections due to the ba content...

    After a while though, your body get's used to it and you won't even have an ounce of soreness...

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    Welcome to the REAL WORLD ~ morpheus

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