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    New cycle Monday, your thoughts?

    Next Monday im starting a new cycle which will include, Test Enantate 250, Equipoise 200, and Anadrol tabs. I will be taking 500mg of test along with 400mg of EQ a week, half way through the cycle i will begin the andro but im not sure how much i am going to take yet. Nolvadex will be used throughout the entire 10 weeks and clomid will be taken following the cycle. Please post any suggestions or alternatives. Thanks for reading.

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    why would you wanna use the anadrol tabs in the middle of your cycle? EQ and Test E are very slow acting. use 150mg anadrol in the beginning of your cycle to kick start your test e and EQ. plus you need to run longer then 10 weeks. the EQ needs to be run for a minimum of 10 weeks and the test need to be run a weeks longer, but i would run the EQ for 12 weeks and the test for 13 weeks. use your nolva ed especially in the beginning because anadrol is so hard on your body

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    What's your cycle history??? Definitley add the Anadrol the first 4 weeks if you need it.

    I would do:

    Weeks 1-13 Test E 500mg WK (250 Mon, 250mg Thur)
    Weeks 1-12 EQ 400mg WK (same as above, same syringe)
    Nolva - 10mg ED
    Ldex - .25mg ED
    PCT - 2 weeks after last test injection

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    I've only completed 2 10 week cycles. One was Test E 200 and EQ then the second cycle was Sustanon 250 and EQ. So taking the Andro the first 2-3 weeks would be the fastest way to start my gains? Also, will the andro speed up the process of the test e?

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