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Thread: stack help

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    stack help

    whats the right stack for me. I'm 6' 2" 215 ,have done two cycles both about 8-10 weeks long (short) just test, rookie cycles, Ready to get some serious results. Like to bulk up and loose the gut fat if this is possible in the same cycle. Thanks

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    you need to do alot more research if you are asking for us to put together a cycle for you. you wanna bulk though go with some Test Cyp or E and some dbol . through in some EQ and at the end some winny to harden up those muscles. thats the cycle ill be running next and should put on some good results. its simple but puts on good weight.

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    QUOTE=keylock]sus 500mg weeks1&2 750weeks 3&4 1000mgweeks5-7,750week8 500week9 250week10
    d bol 30mg week 3-4 and 50mg weeks5-8
    deca 500mg week 2-8
    t3 week 4-10 100mcg daly slowly go up and slowly go down
    clomid 100mg 10 days
    clen 100mcg daly 2 weeks on 2 weeks off for up to 12 weeks, first week slowly work up to 100mcg lower dos if needed

    novice cycle from a novice member[/QUOTE]
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