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    Bulking Cycle - When do you start?

    Hey bros, since we are now in the month of June, im sure most are already cut down for the summer months or finishing cutting down as we speak.

    Just wondering approx what month you all begin to start your bulking routines again? Thanks for your replies.

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    Any time Bro......I'm just actually mid bulking cycle right now. I'll trim down later.

    It's different for everybody. Not everybody does it for the summer beach muscle look.

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    I personally enjoy starting my bulking phase around Thanksgiving. I don't know if its because I start eating like a fat kid on this glorious holiday, or if its because I like to fill out my larger shirts and stuff. I bulk pretty hard from November to February, but I only "diet" in February and March. The rest of the year Im always trying to gain, but just not become a fat kid like I do around January.

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    I always make it a rule to start at the early as possible...that's when I start....

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    i'm going to start about 3 weeks prior to thanksgiving. the holidays help me pack some weight on. i'm still cutting at the moment for another 2 weeks.

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