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    Stop Nolva, Start Letro or L-dex?

    Im in the third week of a 12 week cycle of 500 mg Sustanon per week, shots EOD. I have some tamox and started taking 10mg ED as soon as I noticed some itching in nips. I dont know how much may be in my head, but my nips seem to be sore off and on so I went to 20 mg ED starting yesterday. Ive read many posts by respected members of this board that say Letro is the way to go when on cycle. Should I get some Letro and cease the nolva 'til PCT, or up the nolva and then drop back down after Im sure I have no gyno symptoms? Thanks for any advice......
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    Try increasing your nolva to 60-80mg/ED until symptoms subside. Then run a maintinance dose of minimum 20mg/ED through your PCT. It may not hurt to run some liquidex or letrozole along with your nolva.

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