I have received my gear today which consists of Organon deca, karachi sust 250, zambon winny, and pcts ( gonakor and nolvadex). However, after researching this site for fake AAS I have found out that my 20 vials of organon decas were fake
Bros are all organon deca fakes if it does not have the "R" trademark logo after the durabolin , and my expiration date says 051128, wtf is this. Also, is it true real deca numbs your tongue if you taste it?

My question is, what gear can i use in place of DECA. I was thinking of running primobolan instead of deca with sust250 and winny. Need some info on this bros.

I just contacted my source and he claims its real. This is my first time buying gear from him, but i was referred to him through friends who always get real gear. What am i suppose to do? I dont think i'm going use trial and error with deca though. Thanks in advance bros.