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Thread: Second Cylce?

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    Question Second Cylce?

    Hello again everyone, I have finished my first cycle, I took Enanthate for 5 weeks at 400mg/week, I gained around 10 pounds and did see a nice pump, for my second cylce I was thinking about taking anadrol for 3 weeks at 50mg/day, then maybe a month or two later taking another three weeks at the same dose for the first three weeks of a 10 week 500mg/week cylce of enanthate, you guys really helped with the first cylce so I was just wondering what everyone thought of that, or if there is a smarter cycle that I should be taking, any comments are greatly appreciated,

    thanks again

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    Check this out buddy, this may help. All of the praise goes to MUDMAN, he helped me out when I first started.
    Cycles for the Newbie

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    sorry mate but do sum research!!

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