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Thread: Help bruthas!!

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    Help bruthas!!

    I'm pretty much a newbie and already did my first cycle. Now I'm doin my second with test250/qv300/ d-bol. I did tons of research on this site and got what i could get. I know i heard tornel and qv sucks also underdosed but thats all i could get. I'm only only my second week and i'm lovin this s$%t!!
    I'm gettin good pumps and takin my nolva and liquidex. My question is while pct, does the cialis spray stuff work? it's from lion nutrition. My monkey was down for awhile during my first cycle. I tried dynadrol from HCM and that stuff sucked. Does anyone have experience with cialis spray? Thanks!!

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    What did your first cycle consist of? Of what I've read from other guys here that have used the Cialis spray they have said it keeps you woody(depending how many sprays) 1 to 1 1/2 days. Someone who has taken it correct me if I'm wrong. Now cialis won't bring back your sex drive, just make the wood hard.

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