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    Testosterone dosage-Does this stand to reason?

    Ok, before we begin flaming away I realize just about everyone on the board is for taking at least 500mg/wk of test and im not disputing that. But disregarding that thought for a moment im posting this for the sake of a discussion/reasoning which is what this forum is to be used for. So here goes.

    Does this stand to reason?

    Testosterone Cypionate or Enathate both show to have active half lives of around 15 days (hookers profile).
    So assuming were using 200mg/wk shooting every Sunday.

    On day 1 you shoot 200mg, and then on day 7 you shoot 200mg, and then on day 14 you shoot 200mg and so on. Does this stand to reason that when you do your day 7 inject of 200mg coupled with day 1's original inject of 200mg that you would then have 400mg of test running in your system since day 1's half life still has around 7 days remaining before leaving your system. So then just about the time day 1's half life is up, day 14 is here and you inject another 200mg, thus now having day 7's 200mg still active and day 14's 200mg still active maintaining 400mg of test running in your system.

    So does this theory sound correct that while shooting 200mg once a week, basically after the second inject you will have a 400mg active dosage in you since the active half life takes at least 2 weeks, all the while you are contining to inject 200mg/wk thus maintaining a 400mg dosage of test in your system?

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    No, I believe the 15 days is the active half life with active being the key word. If 15 day was the half live then starting pct 2 weeks after last shoot wouldn't work because you want it out of the system before you start pct.


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    Well....remember, that means the drug is hanging around in your body...not necessarily giving you an anabolic effect. You can shoot 100mgs of deca , and there are detectable traces of nandrolone nearly 28 days later...

    But does this mean there's actually anything anabolic happening, simply because there's actually some nandrolone in your body? Probably not.

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