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    Test E Only cycle

    Hey guys. As I posted not too long ago asking which cycle should I go with. You guys told me to do Test Only cycle since it will be my first cycle ever so I can find out how my body will react to that, before taking it with some other steroid . Sounds like a very good idea to me.
    I will need some help setting this up.. I read about Test E already. Went through some example cycles of Test E + different steroids . My diet is in check for past 2 months.

    week 1-10 Test E @ 500mg/week ( unless its too much for the 1st time)
    Nolva @ 20mg ED through the cycle.
    PCT Day 1 - 300mg Clomid, Day 2-30 100mg Clomid ED
    Day1-30 Nolva 20mg ED

    I am not exactly sure when would be better to start PCT. I was thinking 2 weeks after last injection ? Maybe a week ?
    Im extremely afraid of Bitch tits :P

    Also One more question.. Do You guys think that I am a bit too young for Steroids ? Im 22 yrs old. ( 6`3 225Lbs %14-15 bf)

    Thanks a lot.


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    Test E 300mg wk 1-10
    Nolva 10mg/day
    pct week 12 follow pheednos pct protocol Day 1-30- .25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva

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    personally, i'd stick with the 500mg/wk and DEFINITELY 20g Nolva, and like Natt said, follow pheedno's PCT (i wish i knew more 10 years ago when i ran that same Nolva, now i gots me some biaaaaaaatch titties)

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