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Thread: Gyno anyone

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    Talking Gyno anyone

    Hey guys been reading alot about gyno lately. does anyone know what to take to reverse it. i have heard about a couple of different supplements people take but what do you guys think is the best

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    do a search on the site about this. you will find alot of info about it. nolva and liquidex are two that help.

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    You cant reverse gyno w/o the knife.

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    Let me start off with crediting Flabwussy with informing me about some of the following(or else he might have a hissy fit and cry).

    I have posted and read plenty of similar posts relating to Gyno. Some say it is possible to shrink it and maybe even reverse it. Others say that there is absolutely no way to get rid of it without surgery. Some say that by starving the gland under your nipple from estrogen will cause it to shink and break up. In order to do so high doses of letro (Femara) are recomended than tapering off slowly so their is a minimal rebound effect. As for the exact doses and times I am not sure. I THINK that 2.5mg per day for about a month than tapering off is said to reverse/shrink it. There was also a post saying that some people had sucess with shrinking their gyno with transdermal applications.
    Do some searching and I am sure you will find all the info you are looking for.

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