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    3rd cycle critique

    1-4 Dbol 50mgs split 4 times daily
    1-13 EQ 300mgs week
    1-15 Test E 500mgs week
    6-11 Tren 75mgs daily

    I have Nolva and Clomid on hand but is there anything else I might need before starting? I plan on starting July 3rd so I have time to get anything I might need. Im new to Tren but have many friends that have used it...i cant wait. Any and all advice will be appreciated.

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    Is vit b6 needed when using Tren ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrock38
    Is vit b6 needed when using Tren?
    yes B6 and maybe some milk thistle to help with the d/boll

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    the cycle should look like this mate
    1-4 50mg dbol ed
    1-14 400mg eq
    1-15 500mg test e
    10-17 75mg tren ed
    the eq is run i week shorter than the test because of pct start times the same with the tren,run the tren like this and you will harden evthin up til the end of your cycle.
    run 200mg b6 durin the tren and run nolva at 10mg durin the whole cycle,soon as youv done last test jab up the nolva to 20mg and run that dose all through pct and 1 week after,start your pct 3 days after the last shot of tren.oh and i would up the eq to 400mg coz 300mg is weak as piss,good luck mate.

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