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Thread: Cycle Change

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    Cycle Change

    I'm in my 5th week of the following cycle:

    Test Cyp 200mg/cc (home brew) twice per week

    50mg Provirion/ed

    25mg Aromasin /eod

    Issues: Major acne, not on my shoulders rather my mid to lower lats. Usually I get a few acne bumps on my shoulders, nothing like this.

    Previous cycles:

    Test Prop 100mg/cc eod (quit after 5 weeks, bad brew!)

    12 week break

    Test Ethanate 150mg/cc (Ran 8 weeks, low to moderate acne shoulders)

    ************************************************** ******

    So I have done the following:

    Tetracycline 250mg 4x's per day
    B-5 6grams per day
    Zinc Oxide cream (desitin)
    Tanning...tanning...and tanning

    Stopped the Proviron on Monday
    Stopped the Aromasin on Monday

    Acne is getting a little better. Did the proviron or Aromasin cause the reaction? What's everyone's feelings?


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    known a few guys that have done proviron and had acne problems from it.

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