I have heard so much conflicting information on diff boards regarding this issue that I thought I might get some sound advice here.

I am running Test E- 500 wk
Deca - 350 wk

I have heard that Nolva does not jive with Deca as it makes estrogen receptors more active (hooker).

Should I:
1. Just stick with 20 Nolva every day
2. Go with L-Dex .5 day
3. L-Dex .5 and Nolv 10 or 20 day
4. Letro .25 day
5. Letro &Nolva
6. Not run anything until symptoms appear

I have plenty of all the chemicals just have heard it so many diff ways I could be sick. I would really appreciate some expert advice on this one guys.

Of course I do have proper PCT planned it is just this "during cycle" thing that has me in a quandry. Thanks for any input