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    Infection..Cellulitis? need advise!

    Hey bros this is whats going on... Injected 500mgs of Quality Vet Enanthate in my right glute, I always practice good pin use, my girlfriend started talking to me while i was in the bathroom and while i was injecting i turned my head for a sec to reply still while injecting and turned back around and noticed i had pulled the need out about 1/2 inch or so and without thinking kept injecting and and just pushed the pin back in a lil deeper where it was... Everything was fine went to bed etc etc....Tuesday no pain everything felt fine went to work everything was fine till about 4:00pm started feeling quiet sore in my injection site by 5:00 when i was going home it was very sore but not as sore as i have been before from injections so i didn't think much of it went on about my buisness and then here we are today,when i woke up i was still sore but not as sore as the day b4 by any means felt fine when i woke up carryed on to work all was well till around 11:30 then i started to fill my body temp raising i didn't think nothing of it just thought it was the d-bol went on about my day around 2:00 i still felt a weird just still thought it was the d-bol my glute was a little tender but nothing bad at all but then agin i am on my feet all day long.. so with me noticing the body temp staying a little increased and then i felt my injection site being very warm i discontinued my regular d-bol and continued the day knowing somthing wasn't right... i got home and went to see what was up with my glute well it was red, warm, and slightly swollen and i started to feel a little drowsy and not so perky anymore (flu like)i ran and checked my temp, grabbed the heating pad and popped a keflex...very worried my temp was raised 101 within an hour and a half i have decressed my temp a degree the redness around the injection site is no-longer as red or as big and my glute is no where near as sore ..and i am feeling much better... i am watching my temp closely and i am not scared to run the the doc if things get worse, but id be greatful to hear ya'll bros input! its much appreciated

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    maybe you got a little irritation from the oil/ba.. i went shallow on my pec once.. same symptoms.. went away in a couple days.

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    i did the exact same thing on my thigh yesterday, just sore as hell today, let me know how you get along

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    U do know that antibiotics have to be taken as a "cycle" (dunno the word in englisH) U popping 1 keflex will do nothing maybe even harm.. Keflex is a right drug though if u happened to got celllulitis... Neway not saying u dont know this but just making sure..

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