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    Exclamation Newbie question. cycle.

    Iím not a body builder nor I think I ever will be with a life style I run, but I would like to fit in to the crowd of normal people on the beach, all I want to is gain a little muscle and get toned (instead having a beer belly) I have contacted my friend a doctor (family physician) he give me a check up and recommended a short cycle, telling me that I will not see a Arnold in the mirror in 2 months but if I fallow I should see my muscles on the stomach not the fat. Goal for this cycle was to stay away from side effects. Please let me know what you guys think about that;

    Here it goes:
    Iím 6Ē at 225lbs, no Muscle mass, with beer belly, medium bone size and Iím lazy not much sport activity, my diet is also shattered due to not eating regularly but eating to much one or two time a day. ( this will change this year. )

    7-10 week cycle on Dianabol taken 4 times a day (5mg) with medium size meal (meat preferred) and a combination of Nolvadex or Proviron to exempt the gynecomastia since I have signs of it from being fat before (continue until the end of Dianabol).
    On the fifth week a start of a Winstrol Tabs (I hate injections) 5x5mg a day dose for 8 weeks to strength the effects of Dianabol and get rid of water retention and remaining fat. Of course this is with one day on one day off training.

    And that is it.

    Pleas post your opinion,
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    D-bol for 10 weeks isn't the best idea and for someone looking for fat loss it really is a bad choice


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    eh.. i dont think you'll like the results. not to be a prick but try cleaning up your diet and doing some cardio. i mean you said you dont want to be a bodybuilder and dbol is gonna pack on some water.. the winny isnt gonna cut you up, it might tighten you up. if i was you id try some clen if your bent on a substance.. a strict diet and hard training. then look in the mirror. in your case the juice may not be worth the squeeze

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    ur gonna be bloated buddy, try winny and some test

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    13,877 would get better results if you got your diet in check, started up on your cardio, and began lifting before you start a need a base to work from before you start AAS....Good luck...

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    Wouldnt do d-bol like these other guys sad, Try something that is going to burn fat and not put water on you. Try reading some of the drug profiles on the home page. Read about dianbol and you will learn this is not what you want.

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    id try to actually workout first, and work on your diet, go see a personal trainer at the gym, and then after 6 good months see where you are.

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