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    deca or test? to be paired with winny

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. My main objective is to get slimmed down and put on some muscle, not to big, but my main objective is to get a some muscle but with alot of fat off.

    I was thinking of taking deca and winstrol . after reading all the things about deca like deca dick and stuff like that, could i pair up winstrol with test?, if so what kind of test? sustanol?cypionate ? would that be a good idea?

    also i need a pct plan. what is hcg ? is hcg a pct? please give me ur input thanks!

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    You can pair just about anything with test. I would go with test cyp or enan.

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    you def need to research alot more before youre ready to juice.

    wait and read up for a while,no need to jump in with out knowing what the hell youre doing.


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    Yep test e and winny. Do some research using the search button about PCT and HCG . After that post a cycle that you think looks good and have us critique it.

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