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Thread: Will prop?

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    Will prop?

    Since Eq shuts down natural test levels will taking prop 50mg ed help keep levels up or will it just shut mytest levels that much just trying to keep my PCT acne at a minimum..I always break out after andI know its hormonal..

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    dont run eq with out test.. and prop is test

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    even if you take prop with eq, you'll still be shut down, probably even more than on eq alone, but you really should run test with eq

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    take test not just for the added gains or the sex help, but also for the mindset. Without test youll be tired and depressed. i would know. it sucks bad.

    And 50mg ED is fine, maybe even less. Some people don't believe it because its imprinted in the AAS user's brain that more in better, but that fact is if youre just trying to replace normal test while using another 'roid then simply using the amount youd naturally have is good enough. 50mg ED is more than enough.

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