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    Sustanon and Winstrol Depot Cycle

    Hi fellas,

    This is my second cycle of steroids so Im still learning, I have researched and different substances and their effects but I would just like some advice from people with first hand experiences. I want to gain a good 10lbs of quality muscle whilst keeping bf low or possibly losing a few %.

    IM panning on cycling:

    Sustanon250 @ 500mg/per Week for 8 Weeks
    Winstrol Depot @ 200mg/per week starting at week 4 continuing for six weeks
    Then Tamoxefen @ 20mg/per day for 4 weeks straight after finishing the Winny.

    Should I use the Tamoxefen throughout at 10mg or higher as well or just is I see any signs of Gyno?

    Also would you add any other substance im trying to get hold of some clomid which I'd run at 100mg/per day along with the Tamoxefen post cycle but not sure if I can get any? I can get hold of Proviron could I use this post cycle instead?

    Thinking of adding some Ganabol which I can get a 50ml multivial or should I not bother?

    Thanks, much appreciated!

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    i would run the sust for 12 weeks.

    for clomid click on the banner at the top of this page.


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    and run the winny for at least 2 wks after last sus shot

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