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    Methyl-1-test vs. test e

    I did a cycle of M1t a few months back, and got pretty good results, how well will the results of a test e at 500mg/week compare to the m1T, thanks a lot...

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    m1t results are in my opinion more comparable to dbol with less water retention. m1t isnt bad for a quick gain but you may have a harder time keeping the results.. i say test is much better for that it will give you very nice gains, less toxic on your liver and imo easier to maintain and keep your gains afterwards.

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    no comparison bro

    i have done both several times and well tell u their is absolutely no comparison m1t is good shit but test e is far better and i believe gains from test are easier to keep.

    Friends notice when your on m1t and go oh you look alittle bit bigger and when you on test bro you are ****in huge that is the difference. But i think 500mg of test is way more superior than 20mg of m1t their is no comparison none test hands down is better bro.

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    Why choose? Just use M1T as a kickstart to a test E cycle. I had a bunch of M1T from before the ban, and didn't care for it that much due to the lethargy. But I used it this time for the first 3 weeks of a test E/Tren E cycle and the results were pretty immediate and amazing. I was up about 13 lbs in two weeks and there was very little bloat. This was taking 20mg a day (split morning/evening). I also monitoring my BP and taking liv52 to protect my liver.

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