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    10 Day DNP Cycle Plan- let me know how it looks

    This is the dosage I am goin to run:
    Day 01 – 250mg taken at 1:00pm every day
    Day 02 – 167mg + 250mg = 417mg
    Day 03 – 278mg + 250mg = 528mg
    Day 04 – 351mg + 250mg = 601mg
    Day 05 – 401mg + 500mg = 901mg
    Day 06 – 600mg + 250mg = 850mg
    Day 07 – 566mg + 250mg = 816mg
    Day 08 – 544mg + 250mg = 794mg
    Day 09 – 529mg + 250mg = 779mg
    Day 10 – 519mg + 250mg = 769mg

    Won’t eat carbs past 7:00
    Will do cardio on the elliptical and burn 750 calories every day
    24mg Effedrine & 100mg Caffeine every morning (asprin makes me piss too much)
    Will always have a bottle of water in my hand

    1Tbsp Glycerol 3x ED (1 packet of Kool-aid, 1/8 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon glycerol and 32-oz of water.)

    1g of Pyruvate 4x ED

    2x Vitamin C @ 500 mg
    2x Vitamin E @ 400 IU
    2x Multivitamin

    3g of Taurine ED

    Does it look like I am forgetting anything? I am going to keep a journal and post it online here when its done but any idea of what results I should expect off this kind of dosage? Thanks bros!

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    From what I have read your way to high on your doses. 200 mg the first 3 days then 400 per day (200mg 7am 200 mg 7pm) for the last 7. If you have done it before you might be able to start at 400 and go to 600 but from what I have heard most people cant handle 600. You also dont give yourself a ramp up period to determine if your gonna have alergies to it. I have 100 grams comming next week. I will be making my own but have no intentions of going over 400 per day until my second or 3rd cycle......

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