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    Handbook for L.E. Searches

    Posted by Hydro:

    I stumbled accross this on the web, maybe it can help everyone think of safe places for there "valuables"

    This is a handbook (allegedly) written by the U.S. federal Drug Enforcement Agency, for use in seminars teaching law enforcement how to conduct searches of suspect property.
    Whether official or not, this should help lend some insight into what law enforcement will be looking for, and where you should not be hiding evidence or illegal contraband.

    Drug Concealment in the Home

    Under or in the mailbox
    In flower pots or window boxes
    Inside hollow doors (removable tops)

    Inside door chimes and door bells
    Behind plumbing inspection doors
    In doorknobs
    In or under dog collars
    Hanging out windows
    In rolled-up window shades
    On or under window ledge next door
    On top of window, door sills, molding
    In fire or water hoses
    In or on cellar beams
    Taped to movable clothesline
    Behind exterior brick near window
    Inside fuse boxes
    In conduit from fuse box
    Inside fire alarm bell
    In dog houses
    In rain gutters or drain spouts
    Inside abandoned plumbing
    In attic insulation
    Inside or under furnace
    In hollowed-out tree
    Within fuel of oil heaters
    Under lip ring of plastic trash cans
    Under tile steps of backyard
    Under fence post tops
    Inside rabbit hutch
    In pay telephone coin return
    In telephone base and handle

    Behind wall phones
    Under telephone name plate
    In clothesline pipe
    - Inside fruit containers
    - In eggs
    - In mayonnaise
    - Under food
    - Taped under door
    - Inside motor compartment
    - LSD on food items
    Inside garbage disposal unit
    Behind electric baseboard heaters
    Inside string mop
    Under ironing board cover
    On bottom of dog food bag
    Bottom half of double boiler
    In ironing board legs
    Under toaster tray
    Inside plastic rolling pin
    Inside knife handles
    In clock
    In hot-air ducts
    In stove pipes
    In garbage bags
    In bromo seltzer, cough syrup, prescription drug bottles
    In baked bread, cookies, brownies and candy bars
    Built inside room dividers
    Behind kick plate of sink cabinets
    In stove insulation, exhausts, and drip pans
    Within tea bags
    Above acoustic tile ceilings
    Inside tinfoil tube
    In salt and pepper shakers
    In waxed-paper dispensers
    In spice jars
    In all kitchen canisters and containers
    In hollowed fruits or vegetables
    In or on chandelier
    Within agitator of clothes washer
    On, behind, or above Venetian blinds
    In florescent light tubes
    Behind wall and ceiling light fixtures

    Inside light housing
    Behind light switches
    Inside or behind electric sockets
    In removable air-conditioning registers
    In range hood and filter
    Inside deep well fryers
    Behind baseboards
    Inside flashlights
    Inside douche bags
    Within sanitary napkins and in box
    In razor blade dispenser
    In hollowed-out flashlight batteries
    Inside talcum powder, cold cream, and Vaseline containers
    In electric toothbrush holder
    In toothpaste tubes
    In clothes hamper
    Hung behind curtains
    Inside false ceilings and chimneys
    In or behind sink traps
    In bases of lamps
    Under washbowl, sink, or tub
    At bottom of pet litter box
    Inside hollow curtain rods, shower curtain rods, and within closet rods
    Under false bottom on radiator covers
    Inside toilet tanks
    Inside toilet bowl float

    Taped to top of toilet bowl
    Within false aerosol cans
    In Band-aids and Band-aid boxes
    Inside stick deodorant containers
    Within hollow soap bars

    Under panel or parquet floors
    Inside toilet paper roll
    In clothes-pin bag
    Inside hollow handle of toilet bowl brush
    In after shave, cologne, or cosmetic bottles
    Inside shaving brush handles
    In hair dryer
    In shower nozzle head
    In razor blade disposal box
    In or behind legs of old-style bath tub
    Closet clothing:
    - In waistbands
    - In pens
    - In sleeves
    - In hat bands
    - In shoes
    - In gloves
    Behind picture frames, posters, and mirrors
    In mattresses and box springs frames
    Inside pillows
    Under carpets
    In seams of field cots and hollow cap of cot legs
    Inside hassocks
    Inside and under wigs
    Behind walls
    In hollow bedposts
    In furniture upholstery
    In golf bags
    In toys, stuffed animals, and games
    Inside child's bank
    Taped in dresser and behind drawers
    Inside concealed magnet boxes
    Inside zippered cushions
    Inside pipe rack stand
    In false-bottomed baby carriage and cribs
    In footlockers
    In hem of drapes and curtains
    In hidden drawers in tables
    Inside letters
    In dolls
    In art kits
    Bible (hollow cover) and other books (hollow pages)

    Inside jewelry boxes
    Mixed with tobacco
    Taped to hat or shoe boxes
    LSD on or in blotter
    Inside tube or barrel of air r***e
    In bird cage
    In typewriters and typewriter covers
    Inside hollow chess players and boards
    Inside hollow canes and umbrellas
    In fireplace ash clean-out bin
    In drops of graph paper
    Inside base of rabbit antenna
    Inside TV set
    Inside TV antenna
    Inside picture tube or altered components
    Within hollowed-out pad of paper
    In surf boards, skis, and other sports equipment
    Inside Christmas tree decorations
    Inside handle of vacuum cleaners
    Inside and behind vacuum cleaner bag
    In tool box
    In shoe polish container and equipment
    In 35mm film cans
    Inside cameras
    In record albums
    In fish tanks
    Inside patch trap of antique r***e
    Inside r***e cartridges and shotgun shells
    Behind r***e butt plates
    Inside carpenter's toolbox
    Inside candlestick holders
    Inside ceramic and clay figurines
    Inside rolled-up newspaper
    Inside trophies
    In test tubes
    Inside crucifix
    Inside sealed and open cigarette packages
    Inside stairway posts

    Inside transistor radio
    Inside speakers
    Inside other stereo components
    In musical instruments and cases

    Concealment in an Automobile

    Inside horn
    In air filter
    In false heater hose
    In heater
    In false battery
    In oil filter
    In windshield washer bag
    In carburetor
    Inside oil cap
    In false dual muffler
    In hollow voltage regulator
    On top of gas tank (suspended or concealed in compartment)
    Under rocker panels
    Tied to axles
    Underside of fender
    In tail pipe
    In insulation under hood
    Under chrome
    Behind Volkswagen battery box
    Inside trunk lids
    Inside tubing on roof racks
    Inside tubing of surfboard or ski rack
    Under tire air valve caps
    Taped behind bumper
    In antenna base
    Taped to rolled-down window
    Behind license plate
    Attached to frame of car
    Behind headlights and taillights

    Within hub caps
    In picnic jug in trunk
    In double roof of surplus police cars
    Within spare tire and tire well
    In convertible top
    In trunk
    In fuse box
    Under false bottom of trunk beds
    In cigarette lighter
    Under floorboards
    Under front seat
    Under back seat
    Within vents (air and heater)
    In glove compartment - top of compartment or trap
    Within door
    Behind radio speaker grill
    In shift knob
    In steering column
    In dome light
    In and under ashtrays
    Inside key case
    In service station travel kits
    Under brake and gas pedals
    In or behind sun visors
    Under carpet
    Behind or within false radio
    Inside a hide-a-key container
    Pill vials
    Under floor mats
    Within upholstery
    Behind instrumental panel
    Under ornamental objects on dashboard

    Within compartments under floor of older VWs and Jeeps
    Inside floor consoles
    Inside dash knobs
    Within arm rests
    Inside flashlight
    Inside toolbox
    Inside light sockets

    Concealment on a Motorcycle

    Behind taillights
    Under seats
    Inside handlebar tubing
    Inside battery box
    In toolbox
    Rolled up inside sleeping bag or other carried items
    Concealed compartment in custom gas tank
    Inside lining of motorcycle helmet
    In concealed pockets in padded clothing
    Behind headlight
    Behind instrument gauges
    Inside tires

    Concealment on the Person

    Inside false caps on teeth
    Swallowed with string tied to teeth
    Under false teeth
    Loose in mouth
    Behind or in ears
    In glass eyes
    In nose
    Taped under breasts
    In brassiere
    Under Band-aids and bandages
    Within rectum
    Within vagina
    Between cheeks of buttocks
    Under foreskin of penis
    Inside feces bag
    In false leg, arm, foot, etc.
    In or behind woman's barrettes
    Under processed hair, hair buns, or wigs
    In hearing aid mounted on eyeglasses or within ears

    Under hat bands
    In hats
    Under military cap insignia
    Under lapel and shoulder patches
    Behind campaign ribbons and uniform brass
    Hasish in love beads
    In fountain pens
    In money belts, slit or zippered
    In tie pins, clasps, and cuff links
    In lining of clothing
    Within false buttons
    Under lapels of jacket and coats
    Inside back of watch
    In pockets
    In eyeglass case
    In corsets
    In tie knot of tie and handkerchiefs
    In hollow belt buckles
    Inside fly flap of trousers
    Pinned to shorts
    In swimming trunks
    In male or female girdle
    Inside cuffs or waistbands
    In socks and shoes
    In baby's diapers
    In lipstick tube
    In tobacco tins and pouches
    In cigarette package
    In cigarette lighters
    Inside hollowed-out crutches
    In hollow end of cane or umbrella

    In Thermos jug cavity or lining
    In canteens
    In addressed envelopes
    Within liners of luggage

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    if theyre looking in all those places we have a better chance leaving it in the open

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    interesting. so basically they search everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaBROLIC
    interesting. so basically they search everything.
    Yep. I know the post is long but the reason I posted it is to point out they search everywhere.

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    fvck thats a long list. Truth is though if they really want to get you they will.

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    Nice - long, long list

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    For half of those things on the list it would require demolishing someones house, or disassembling someones car. Both of which I doubt they would be able to do for steroids , since they cannot be sniffed out by a dog, they would have no reason to tear open furniture,walls,piping,etc. Or disassemble your dash components and parts of your engine. However for weed,coke,etc I think it would be feasible of the dog alerted to it and they could not find it in obvious locations.

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    those are all places that drugs have been found pending a search with a dog.. on a steroid search they could never search that many areas without destroying an entire home.. I like the list though cause i am going to use a few places i read on there myself.. thanks

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    Inside douche bags
    whats a douche bag?
    i thought that was a stupid person

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    they probally dont look in all those places, its probally just a list for possible suggestion for the law enforcement, im sure theyve found stuff in all those places, but that would take forever and they would literally have to rip apart a house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slob
    whats a douche bag?
    i thought that was a stupid person
    lmao.. are you serious?

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    Soooooooooooooo that leaves pretty much nothing. WTF...............

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    So...they can just show up & search everywhere & anywhere they want, for as long as they want...
    Don't they need a search warrent with a somewhat specific statement of the search area???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Froggy
    So...they can just show up & search everywhere & anywhere they want, for as long as they want...
    Don't they need a search warrent with a somewhat specific statement of the search area???

    yeah i dont understand that too, cause if the search is unofficial meaning no warrant, then the entire search with whatever they find would get thrown out in court!

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    wow, that's a very inclusive list. Thanks MBaraso.

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    Will they search my dogs asshole.. i think not

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMike J
    Will they search my dogs asshole.. i think not
    thats just wrong bro, funny as hell but wrong.

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