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    has anyone used alri's ULTRA HOT during pct?

    i know about proper pct(nolvo,clomid and arimidex ) but many add tribulus to this i was wondering if anyone had tried ALRI's ULTRA H.O.T. during pct?

    it is advertised as a testosterone booster .
    it is said to work through blocking both estrogen and androgen negative feedback of the hypothalmus.
    some info below:-

    Ultra H.O.T. (Hormone Optimization Trimatrix)
    60 capsules

    What Do Men Want?
    Optimal performance at the very best possible level in everything we do.

    More muscle, less fat, more sex…
    More Everything!
    Did you know that the male body actually can produce way more testosterone than it needs? Like an average 400% increase above what is normal for you, and maintain it for months at a time, naturally?

    Is this some lame claim of "steroid -like" effects from a legal supplement? Nope! Just some advance science applied for the betterment of men everywhere.

    Yup, Applied Lifescience Research Industries Inc. is pissing people off again. This time we did it with a whole new approach to a very old idea: Natural Optimized Male Human Performance through the optimization of male human physiology. No, this is not just some silly-ass sex product either.

    This requires precise strategic supplementation for the male body that guarantees results you can see and feel in the gym, in the bedroom…wherever you need to perform your best with an advantage. How?

    Let me explain…
    A mans body produces almost all of its limited supply of natural testosterone by way of the HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis). Basically, the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary tell the testes just how much testosterone to make…or not. It also decides your performance level more than you think.

    Two separate factors called negative feedback loops regulate HPTA activity and limit the amount of testosterone you have:

    Estrogen Negative Feedback loop

    In males, testosterone is converted into estrogen by an enzyme called aromatase. Normally, higher levels of testosterone also mean excess estrogen. The hypothalamus "senses" the excess estrogen and limits or shuts down testosterone production. Estrogen increases fat stores as well. Thanks to our modern environment, plastics and soy-everything, we already have far too much unnatural estrogens.

    Androgen Negative Feedback loop

    The hypothalamus also senses increases in testosterone. This is mediated through androgen receptors. An increase in testosterone too results in the hypothalamus telling the testes to limit or shut down testosterone production. But estrogen gets to run amok doing girlie things to your body anyway.

    So the key to increase testosterone production naturally and significantly (to a point that really matters) is controlling these two negative feedback loops (not just one).

    Secret Formula? (Nope, just good science)

    (Step one: Good-bye Estrogen Negative Feedback Loop)
    6,17-dioxo-etiocholene-3-ol (3-OHAT) is a powerful non-androgenic anti-aromatase that decreases estrogen levels in males an average of 50% everywhere in the body…including in and around the hypothalamus. And it is effective in a one time daily administration. Multiple studies have shown that this natural occurring goodie stimulates and maintains testosterone elevation in males.

    3,17-dioxo-etiochol-1,4,6-triene (ATD) is another highly effective aromatase inhibiting compound that is statistically 3 times more powerful than current popular anti-estrogen supplements. The reason is rather simple in that it binds to aromatase more tightly than any other available product due to a unique high affinity. So now we have two compounds that synergistically rid our male bodies of excess estrogen. But what about the Androgen Negative Feedback Loop?

    (Okay, here goes the problem with the Androgen Negative Feed Back Loop)
    3,17-dioxo-etiochol-1,4,6-triene is also a site-specific (like the hypothalamus) androgen receptor agonist. Based upon some studies the unique structure of this compound allows for an 80-90% reduction in androgen receptor activity of the hypothalamus, yet only a very small 10% decrease in the rest of the body. So all of that extra testosterone you are now making really works in all the right places!

    Of course, someone with a limited knowledge of physiological Action/Reaction Factors will claim some lame idea that this means testosterone is blocked from doing all of its cool things where it matters too. In case anyone missed the point, it is a site-specific androgen receptor agonist that modulates the Androgen Negative Feed-Back Loop.

    So, would you rather have an average increase in testosterone production of 400% with a little 10% potential reduction in activity or be average? Gee, tough choice…not.

    (Estrogen "Clearing" Is A Must Too)
    Agaricus bisporus extract is a very interesting item that finishes this manly matrix to maximize results. Oddly enough it is an extract of a specific white button mushroom from a specific area that has been shown in research studies to act upon the aromatase enzyme on multiple levels making this the perfect "mop" to excrete any remaining excess estrogen from a mans body.

    Ultra H.O.T. is a patent pending proprietary trimatrix for men that is guaranteed to:
    Support Natural Testosterone

    Modulate Fat Causing Estrogens

    Decrease Water Retention

    Support Libido & Performance

    Improve recovery

    Ultra H.O.T.
    (Hormonal Optimization Trimatrix)
    The Premier Catalyst for Optimized Male Hormonal Performance†
    Supplement Facts:

    Serving Size: 1 capsule

    Servings Per Container: 60

    Amount Per Serving DV%*

    KS-Matrix7/ALRI Proprietary blend includes: Agaricus bisporus extract, 6, 17-dioxo- etiocholene-3-ol, 3,17-dioxo-etiochoi-1,4,6-triene, 7beta-Hydroxy-DHEA, Camelia Sinensis (BT).

    ** Daily value not established. Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, maltodextrin and gelatin capsule

    Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3-6 capsules nightly. Do not exceed 8 weeks of continuous use
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    No I never have and never will


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    Sounds like a typical supplement b.s. advertisement. I would def stick with clomid and nolva.

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    johnny b i know about proper pct(clomid,nolvo and arimidex ) i was just curious if this could be used during pct as many use tribulus at this time.

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