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    Arrow Nolva and Liquidex together

    Should I run the nolvadex and liqiudex during my cycle I was told the Nolva is for gyno and the liquidex is for any kind of bloating? Thanks for any feedback!

    Here is my cycle:

    -Test cypinate (week 1- 12) 500mg weekly
    -EQ (week 1-12) 500mg weekly
    -Winstrol (week 8-12) 50mg/ed
    -Nolvadex (10mg) ed
    -Liquidex (.25mg) ed

    Post Cycle Therapy
    -Nolvadex (20mg) ed
    -Clomid starting 15 days after last cyp injection
    day 1-300mg, day 2-24/100mg/ed
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    Yes...IMHO...I would run them both throughout the cycle & start them a week before any converting steroids ...

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    The l-dex will help in keeping water retention to a minimum. The nolva will help with any estrogen build up in the chest. I would run both.

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