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Thread: clen cycle

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    clen cycle

    k, just bought clen 30 ml 200mcg/ml

    probably gonna run it like this
    Day1: 60mcg
    Day2: 80mcg
    Day3: 80mcg
    Day4: 100mcg
    Day5: 100mcg
    Day6-Day12: 120mcg
    Day13: 100 mcg
    Day14: 80 mcgs
    two weeks ECA

    My diet will be
    protein 1.5 grams per lb
    carbs .5-1 gram per lb
    fat .25grams per lb

    my protein will come from tuna/egg whites/ boiled chicken breast/ and whey protein
    carbs will come from merely fruits and vegetables
    fats will come from the protein sources above and flax oil

    im considering stacking this with superdrol to help increase lbm while im losin fat from the clen and low calorie diet. Plus Ive read that superdrol has a diuretic effect as well.

    as of now im around 10 % bodyfat, Id like to get down to around 6

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    Bump this. im about to run the same but with T3. can anyone help me incorporate the T3.

    -Thanx Ray-

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