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    should Vitamins and Omega 3 fish oil be took when cycling ?..If so why

    When cycling what are the advantages of taking multivitamins and Omega 3 fish oil. I know people say to do this and obviously vitamins play a vital roll in mainting an overall healthy body but what are the advantages of taking Omega 3 ?


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    I would like to also hear about this.. Basically omega 3's are EFA that the body needs to synthesize other PUFAS's. The serve many importan functions in the body. The metabolism of omega 3's n omega 6's are in close regulation together. 2 much of either one will cause problems in the abosrption of other. I think in western diet the omega 6's predominate so thats y the fuss about the omega 3's. I cant remember the numbers but too much EFA will lead to lipid peroxidation and is not healthy in th elong run. I wrote this stuff from my head, Im too lazy to go dig up the books so some inaccuracies might occur and in that case sum1 hopefully corrects me. And if ne1 has ne more additional info on these especially in regards to bodybuilding purposes I'm all ears.

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