Thanks for responding to my first thread "Growing Problems. I worded it wrong. I didnt mean to put 2 MONTHS on the dbol . I should have proof read. I only took it for 1 month, I did 1.5 tabs a day the first week, then went to 2 tabs the last 3 weeks of the month. The enatat I have taken for 2 months so far. I do a shot in one shoulder, next time i go to the other shoulder, then one cheek, then the next.
Now that 2 months has gone by, am I done? When do I stop and what do I advance to next? It is very hard for me to not sound like a total idiot, because I cant explain the full situation on a thread. But I do appreciate any and all advice.
As far as my circulation problems go, they started before I started the juice, I just wanted to know if it was making it worse.