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    Mailing ??? PO Box??? need help???

    okay i have got a new source. For my old source i would just meet the guy and get my shit face to face. With my new one im gonna have to do it through mail. I dont want stuff sent to my house because my parents are here( Im 23 by the way home for summer from college). So a friend suggest to get a PO Box i was wondering your thoughts on this??? And do i just go 2 the post office tell them i wanna get PO Box and go from there??? Also can they search my packages??? So im looking for a alot of answers here i could reaLLy use some good advice. also my source is within the united states by the way.

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    This kind of stuff should be kept off open boards IMO
    This should be kept private... Damn you guys will talk
    about anything in the open...

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