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    Sustenon Flu what the hell?

    It is big rush's roomate and what the fuck is "sust flu"?
    I have done plenty of sust cycles and i have done plenty of research on the stuff as well. back in 98 and 99. One of my best friends owned a gym and had done steroids for 15 years. I have not ever heard of, ever experienced in previous cycles, or have ever read anything on " sust flu". weeks 1-3 i did some sostenon i had purchased in mexico 3 years ago and had left over. I felt like superman just like always no side affects and starting to make good gains. It was redi-jects. well week 4 i started testenon and the shit feels like i shot a 12 gauge slug in my ass. And to top all of it off i have had fever and drowsiness and been sick ever since.

    So what the fuck is sust flu. Fever occurs when your body is fighting/rejecting something foreign that is not supposed to be there. Testosterone causes insomnia not drowsiness. What is in my sustenon that is so bad. Why did it just start as soon as i started the TT brand. how come i never heard of this flu previosly. Is this just coincidence or is this stuff i am shooting in my ass bullshit. when did this sust flu originate because i have never heard of it till recently. Feels like i am injecting poison in myself. workouts suck if i can even make it, cant eat, just sick. So will somebody please give me a reason as to why this occurs because it is all new to me. Is this even worth doing? Please someone give me some insight into this.

    Thanks in advance to any replies.

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    Hey b.rush's roommate. My roomate is experiencing those same sides with testanon which he didn't experience with the organon redijects. Not sure what it may be but I also experienced sust flu last week for about 4 days and I'm barely getting over it. I think maybe the redijets are of better quality or something.

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    No need to take up for me but i appreciate it guys. Some people were just picked on too much in high school and have become disgruntled in life. By the way i am big rush's roomate i just couldnt think to log in last night.
    Well anyway i have been sick for two weeks. I cant think to pass my tests and i have to be sharp for my job interviews. I am wondering if this stuff i have is legitimate or not. If it is, should this sickness last two weeks? If anybody can help me find out if this stuff is legitimate i would greatly appreciate it. I hope that i am just not taking to it well at first.
    Thanks again guys

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    crank up like 20-30 grams of glutamine it helped me...seperate it in three doses....

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