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    Arrow 4 or 6 week cycle..?

    hey guys ... i am curently on my second week of m1t's.... i have curently bumped the dosage up to 20 mg's a day because the sides were not really there while at ten...i cannot tell if i have been seeing larg results yet.... but will they began to show soon? i am curently at week 2 ...... also should i bump the cycle from 4 weeks to 5 or 6 weeks.. to get more and better results..? my m1t's are made by ids... they are called Methyl-1-Testosterone Extreme.... please helppp!!!

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    post this in the supplement forum, youll get better responces from there.

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    they are pretty rough on your liver and most of the companys that make the m1t say to cycle 2 weeks at a time. i wouldnt recommend going anymore then 4 weeks. make sure you are using milk thistle as well

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