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Thread: My first cycle

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    My first cycle

    [B]Hi, I am a 21 year old 1AA football player. I am a center, I am 6'2" about 270 ..... I bench 350 lbs squat near 500.... This summer i would like to stay about the same weight but i would like to make some gains, and convert some of my excess fat to muscle.. My major question is... if i do a Winstrol only 6-8 week cycle of 50 mg Winstrol tabs..... will i achieve the goals i said before.... remember i would not like to "lose weight" just firm up a bit and cut some fat... And if i'm going to gain or lose lbs how much??? ball park??

    thank you for your help
    ps. I'm not taking test because i do not want to put on weight... i plan on maintaining my strict bulking diet and working out twice a day for the entire 6-8 weeks

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    scrap the winny and use test bro. by the way welcome to AR

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    mate use test prop as a base, and add in cardio and possibly use some clen ?


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