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    for some reason i don't think my body reacts as well to gear as my other friends. could it be because i only started working out a year before i started. my diet is good. i'm taking my second cycle with tren 100mg eod sust 250 eod and started anadrol this week 100 mg for the next three weeks. this is my third week of this cycle. but before this i did test cyp 400mg wk and deca 300 wk for five weeks and had minimal gains, i did dbols 40mg ed for the first three weeks. Lost all the water from dbols as soon as i stopped. i'm taking in at least 3000 calories with 250mg o protein. i'm 5 10 220lbs and i'm skinny. i want to get bulk. i'm hoping the anadrol will kick it up.

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    Well as for your 1st cycle you didn't do it long enough & you shouldve ran something like 600mg of Test Cyp wks 1-14 & deca @ 300mg/wk wks 1-12, thats probably why you didnt see any gains, & the dbol wks 1-4. But even for your 1st cycle you shouldnt have ran that much gear. Anyway how old are you, & remember youre on your 3rd week, test @ least doesnt kick in until about week 4 or 5

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    5'10 @ 220 is not skinny! thats actually pretty good, whats your bodyfat %?

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