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Thread: Clen Tomorrow

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    Clen Tomorrow

    I have been on ephedra for about 3 weeks and i was going to start back on clen in the near future. I am starting to take my benadryl tonight. Should i wait a week untill i have taken it for a week or can i start right away?

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    BigTex_z28 is offline New Member
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    I always heard to take the benadryl once a week while on the clen . That is what i did. Good question though---bump.


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    Krmnnghia is offline New Member
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    Wait I think both of you are mixed up on this one...should be 2 weeks of Clen , 3rd week is Clen and benadryl, then 2 more weeks of straight Clen, Then 6th week Clen and Benadryl. Here is all you need to know.....

    Hooker is the man! Dude knows his stuff and I am trying to convince the guys at ****** that his method works but no one wants to listen! Give it a try!!!

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    Yeah man read that post...lots of good info

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    i've been taking ECA for the last 3 weeks. i started PCT today and i'm switching to clen today also. doing 20mcg's twice a day (maybe 3 times if it's not too much). i took benadryl last night and probably will for the rest of the week just to be safe since ECA downregulates the beta-2 receptors also.

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