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    Question Is it too late for pct?

    Hey guys, need some help... finished 15 weeks of test and deca (test 500/week) (deca 300/wek)..but now it's week 7 and my pct just it to late...lost about 8lbs and half inch on arms...but lean and struggling to maintain as much as i can...balls are back at about sex drive...have 5000v.i HCG ..clomid and nolva...if not too late, how to run..thanks

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    I would hit 40mg of nolva for two weeks and drop to 20mg for another 2-4 weeks, hit the hcg at 1000iu ed for 10 days (if you have 10000iu), Start the clomid same time and run 100mg ed for 3 weeks and drop to 50mg for about 5-7 days longer. Make sure you take the nolva with hcg and run the nolva a bit longer than clomid.

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