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Thread: winny and CYP?

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    CLK Davey is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2002

    winny and CYP?

    Ok Guys, this is what my next cycle will be
    My 1st two cycles were both sustanon and Deca ., which the results were so good I cant belive it.
    this is what im planning for my upcoming cycle.
    week 1-8 Test Cyp 400/mg week
    Week 1-6 Winny E/D 50MG
    of course clomid is follwing this cycle too boys.
    I would replace the test cyp. with russian sustanon but i did 2 cycles of it previously, can I still do it or should I cool off. thANKS Guys! im 21by the way 6'3 207.

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    Brutus The Buckeye is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2002
    why not move the winstrol to wk 5-10. I would think the winny would be more effective if you waited for the test to build up. Also, you will go right to clomid after you the winny is finished.

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    juicehead land
    Definately hit the winny in the end like Brutus said. You will get Much better results with the winny.

    CLK - you have PM.

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    CLK Davey is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2002
    can i do sustanon again if i did it the 2 previous cycles, or should i give it a rest? i love sust it changed my life!!

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