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Thread: acne

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    Cool acne

    what is the worst steroid for acne. which test tends to give you more acne, enth,prop, or cyp.

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    wait.. where am I?..
    I broke out really bad on sust. The last cycle of test e got me pretty bad too.

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    it's not necessarily what steroid is worse for acne, it is more so how prone you are to acne... I have never had acne from steroids .

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    as justn said it depends how you react to the compounds and if you have a history of acne, keeping blood levels constant does help with this kind of thing tho


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    I am not prone to acne and dont really get it either, but i also take my shots on time and dont let my test levels fluctuate. My friends however skip days, one even skipped about 5 days of dbol / sust and jumped right back on and his back ended up lookin like a roadmap. also another friend was takin 1 shot of sust 250 a week(cheap stupid bastard) and also broke out. So my reccomendation would be whatever you take, take it as reccomended by the experts. Tanning beds and dawn soap will help, but dont use dawn too much. I guess i really didnt answer your question, but i think its more about how predisposed you are than what you take.

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    hey jaydub what do to think about dhea..i took large amounts of that untill i boke dhea stronger than a steriod or what couse that shit fked me u know how long it took u to normalize ur system..thanks

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