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    already thinking about bulking for witner?? need some help

    i know its a long ways away, but im already thinking about it because i have been cutting up for the past couple months and will continue untill sept and i feel small and i hate reduceing my deit, haha but doesn"t everyone

    my cyle history- 2 cyles , along with couple 4 weeks cyles of m1t

    my last cycle was a year ago ( i know a long time)and it was test e @ 500mgs for 10 weeksand deca 300mgs for 9 weeks. I got pretty good resalts gained about 23lbs.
    For this cyle this winter im gonna bump the test up to 750mgs but im not sure which type of test im gonna use. But i was wondering what i could stakc with it to get huge resalts. I know diet as well as pct play a big roll and will be in check. I was thinking D-bol four weeks at 25mgs. What else could i throw in there?? mybe 500mgs of deca??? so looking for anythoughts on this

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    yeah u could throw in 30mg of d-bol. along with 500mg of deca would be good to add. along with some test that would be good. maybe try cyp. i've heard good things.

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    Swap the deca out for eq and you will have a good clean bulk with minimal bloat.

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    i'm planning mine too, going with sust, deca and dbol .
    good luck bro

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    Definately run test and deca ....

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    if u gonna run dbol increase ur dose for 45 mg & eg is greattttttttttttt

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