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    Muscle memory after a cycle?

    my buddy had told me once that your muscles keep somewhat of a memory. by this he meant that if youre lifting a lot and then the cycle ends after pct you can lift just as much as when you were juicing. not immediately, but quicker than if you hadnt run anything at all. after my sus/deca cycle last year i ended up lifting what i was lifting when i was on it about 2-3 months later and i know i would never have gone up in weight that quickly with nothing. what do you guys think?

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    I completely disagree with the amount of weight you can lift etc as compared to cycle vs non-cycle.

    But I have heard and think it's true personally, that each body has a genetic muscle "memory" meaning that it will be alot easier to obtain size again quicker than just starting out. For example: I unfortunately quit training and dieting, etc for over 4 years, needless to say the lifestlye was not clean as when training. So I lost alot of my size, then when I cleaned up my act and started with the proper diet, good sleep and quality training my size came right back in a matter of a couple weeks. That is "muscle memory" at it's finest, i'm blessed with good genetics though. Good luck!

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