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Thread: Horrible Pain

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    Horrible Pain

    Hi guys, i am doing test prop ED 100mg and tren ED 75 mg. Seriously i have never been in such pain from a shot, my ass feels like i cannot even sit down ais his horrible. nd my shoulder feels like it was just smashed with a base ball bat what do i do. First things first i am swotching to EOD shots. But what else can i do to ease the pain, quicky guys its really bad. Usually i like the burn but this is terrible, really.

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    been there done that, happened with ttest E for me. Doing legs shots were insane i couldn;t even walk without limping. You could try diluting it with sterile oil, didn;t help for me but some thinks it does. O also try switching up your shots, i don;t know if you do EVERY shot in the glute but that could be leading to excessive pain as well.

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