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Thread: Sunburn feeling

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    Sunburn feeling

    I have a weird one for yall.

    I'm in my third/fourth week of a test c,deca cycle & last thursday when I took my socks off you could really tell where they had been.I figured I was retaining water & they squeezed it out around my ankles.But something else has me bothered.When a rub against something or scratch, about 10 seconds later it burns like you have a very mild sunburn.Not itchy but like you stayed out in the sun alittle too long.The kinda sunburn that goes away after a day.And I haven't been in the sun or tanning bed in 2 weeks.

    I had a sore throat last weekend(A buddy said his skin did this once when he was sick) & I switched to a diffrent blended protein powder about the time this started.Other than that nothing has changed in 3-4 weeks.

    Any thoughts ???

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    The deca or cyp could be causing adema, try using an anti-e or some proviron it's my favorite


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    Bump for Proviron , it helps the Test do its thing, too.

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