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Thread: Deca and Winny

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    Deca and Winny

    Hey I was just wondering if Deca and Winny would be a more efficient stack then EQ and Winny. Im not sure which will give me better results. Also should I use Clomid for PCT?

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    depends..but most likely EQ. and like ne1 will tell you on this board, Throw some test in!!

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    No what are you thinking

    First of all, you want a long estered testosterone in that cycle, heres one i'd recommend

    Wk 1-12 500mg/week Test E
    Wk 1-10 400 mg/week Nadrolone Decanoate
    Wk 1-6 Winny, dosage is up to you, look in the .5-1.5 mg/kg area. Remember a liver protector to prevent any possible hepatoxicity, though unlikely
    Wk 1-12 20mg Nolvadex

    Pheednos PCT

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    Yeah what wilthepill123 said.....

    but IMO winny is to be stacked in the 9-14 week just before taking the PCT

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