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Thread: Deca vs. EQ

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    Landmine is offline Junior Member
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    Deca vs. EQ

    Which is a better Bullk and why?

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    It's hard to say. I think Deca tends to put more weight on you than EQ does. But EQ will increase your apetite, so if you eat more...

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    both has there advantages.


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    they r different subctances

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    Deca makes you hold a lot more water than EQ. Eq makes you look a hell of a lot more vascular. If you are bulking, I would use deca.

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    Both. with test.

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    anyone else?

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    I would go with Deca (with Test of course)

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    I posted this on MN, but thought I would post it here as well .. It seems that there are so many peeps who bash Deca to no end (especially on Elitefitness) nowadays, and people who were ****ed up from it, either with Deca dick, or had a hell of a time recovering, or gyno, or for whatever reason, they swear they will never touch the stuff again.

    This is of couse a personal and individual thing, as many do well with certain compouns, while others not so well. When anyone wants to use nandrolone , people jump over them, and always tell them to use test it seems especially when newbies want to use it. Personally for me, with test I feel side effects more so than the gains. The sides vs gains ratio dosent balance out for me to run heavy test cycles. I have never ran either alone, but I have ran them both without each other before, and have always done better without test as far as gains vs sides go. Correct me if I am wrong .. but wasnt that the whole purpose as to why Deca was ever created in the first place? To produce a steroid that gave the same effects as test (better imo), but without the test side effects?

    Anyways, I am willing to bet that the reason why people experience problems with nandrolone, ... is because they dont know how to properly, or effectively, or safely run it. Most people run Deca at too high of a dosage, or too long, or without anything for prolactin, and most importantly in the absense of HCG .

    As most people already know ... the ideal way to take nandrolone is as NPP. If you are wanting to experiment with nandrolone, try it as NPP. BigAndy has written a great thread that states all of the many reasons why it is favoured over Deca. There are MANY reasons why this is a both a better and safer choice. The biggest reason is that it is basically a much more "effeicient" way to cycle. No "dead" time while waiting for the long acting depots to kick in, or clear. Like test prop for example, you can stop administration of it, if you run into any sides, and start to treat them right away, where with Deca depending on how long you are in, you could be looking at up to 4 weeks until it clears.

    You also avoid the the cummulative effect of the Deca ester, which compounds when running it for long .. and which is usually what gives people problems. This is why I agree with others in that Deca Durabolin is a drug that should be tapered. Its pretty much the only drug that a handfull of people do a pyramid taper with still. These are the people that never complain of Deca sides or loss of libido. Back in the hay day, when most people used a pyramid taper with deca, no one really complained about libido sides from deca, or the dreaded deca dick. Ask any old school lifter (.. and they have all used it). The wave of complaints started when people switched over to using the same dosage throughout the whole cycle, and not tapering. The cummulative effect with the Deca ester over time will **** you. So ... for many obvious reasons, NPP is a much better choice. The only disadvantage of it, is the more frequent jabs. However you can get away with shooting it every 3 days, which isnt do bad.

    The next best thing you can do when running NPP, is run some Cabergoline with it. This is a truley amazing supplement, and I wouldnt think of running Deca, NPP or tren without it.

    Cabergoline is a is a relatively new drug from the dopaminergic family of drugs that decreases the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is a HUGE libido killer! Men with high levels of prolactin such as those that suffer from prolactinoma have no sex drive at all. Prolactin is a concern when taking nandrolone/tren. I can't speak enough at how well Cabergoline works. My last run with NPP, my mojo was higher than average while taking the NPP. I added some cabergoline to the mix, and it went through the roof! I have stopped it now (off for about 8 wks), and I feel like it has increased my sex drive for good. I feel like i actually have a healthier sex drive now after running the cabergoline and NPP, than before I even started. Maybe I had high prolactin levels before, and the cabergoline leveled them out, who knows, but I am running stronger than ever now. I was more than impressed with Cabergoline, and will be using it again. Orgasm intensity was the absolute craziest though. I felt like I was having multiple organsms each time I bust a nut! lol.

    Last but not least .. I would incorporate HCG usage into your nandrolone cycle. Whether you are an advocate of runnning it during your cycle, or for PCT (this is a whole other argument on its own, so run it how you have researched it to be the most effective). I like to run it during PCT as drjmw suggests how it has been reccomended by endocrinologists as the proven method of recovery for years. Many prefer to run it during their cycle though, which is fine in my mind too as long as you dont over do it. However you decide to run it, I would make it the pivitol focus on your planned recovery, use SERMS as a supportive role at best.

    I am willing to bet that almost EVERYONE who got ****ed up somehow or another from Deca either ..

    1. did not run it as NPP (how many people have you heard of that have actually gotten sides from NPP? I have yet to here ONE!).

    2. Ran deca for a long period of time.

    3. Ran deca at a high dosage (and with no tapering)

    4. Did not include HCG usage.

    5. Did not take anything for prolactin.

    6. Or .. they were using other stuff and stacking it, and could not necessarily pin point their problems on Deca.

    I am a big advocate of NPP, and i think that it will be in all my cycles from now on. Especially for someone like me who is MBP prone. Most people recommend test only for a first cycle. I think that you can make just as good, if not better gains from using NPP to start, with very minimal sides. Stacked with dbol and you should be loving life for pure actuall hypertrophy of muscle fibers, not to much will come close to this stack.

    For a first cycle besides the "test only" cycle that almost everyone recommends, I would try an NPP/dbol cycle for a first cycle. THese are my favourite combination of two drugs period. A mild run of these two drugs can work wonders for a person. It really is the ideal stack, and it "should" work for EVERYONE!

    The big reason why the dbol "should" work for everyone, and why it is so effective, is becuase it is can reduce endogeneous CORTISONE by 50-70%, making it the mother of ALL anti-catabolics (except for tren). This is why dbol really "should" work on everbody. I have seen the studies, posted by FONZ of all people, but they were very interesting. It really doesn't raise test levels that much, (about 5 times your normal level) but it has an unreal impact on muscle catabolism. This is just one of the huge benefits from the dbol.

    The NPP stacks SO WELL with the dbol, because while the Dbol is VERY anti-catabolic, the Deca is HIGHLY anabolic . In essence they complement each other perfectly. That is why the old saying of "If you don't grow off Deca/dbol you won't grow of ANYHTHING" is so true, and so forgotton. No matter how fancy you get, it dosent get much better than that. I guess that the only thing that would actually be a more effective stack than deca/dbol, is deca/dbol AND Test! lol. For someone just starting out, and wanting to try NPP as a first cycle I would try something like this....

    NPP: 150mg/e3d
    Dbol: 20mg/day

    wk1-9: Cabergoline 0.5mg/e4d
    wk10: PCT with HCG, (or if you would rather run it during .. go that route)

    If you are not starting out, obviously it would make sense to bump the dosages up a bit. I ran NPP at 200mg e3d and found it to be perfect.

    A newbie with everything in check should do quite well with a cycle like this, and they should'nt experience any side effects. If they did, it would more than likely be from the dbol. They could always substitute the dbol for Winstrol or var if they wanted and do quite well also, but they wont be as effective as the dbol stacked with it. Winny is a actually nice compound to stack with it as well, in place of the dbol.

    If you are smart about how you run nandrolone, you can really reap the benefits of it. I am keeping test to a minimum from here on out. The only test that I will run in my cycles, will be a very small base dosage (like 250/wk). Hope this might help some of you who were considering running nanrolone but were fraid away from the horror stories.


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    with the deca ..deca seems to work a lil quicker..but tends to add a little more water than the eq..for sheer weight gain deca

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    Clearly I didn't write that, but I do love it's means of info delivery, and the guy sounds confident and all the things I am capable of cross checking based on other readings appear to hold water. Thought it was relevant, hope it helped.

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    never did deca ........but an avid fan and abuser of eq.........hope it helps charlie r

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