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    Matsteron vs. L-dex vs. Bromo Battle.

    Ive been on this site for the last 2 days just trying to absorb as much information as possible so i can waste the least amount of other ppls time with newbie questions. So after educating myself i have come to a fork in the road. Background: MY first cycle last summer was of Test Prop. at 100mgs eod and EQ 400mgs/week i was running 20mg of nolva and still managed to develop gyno in my left nip even after takin it up to 80mgs/day after it became noticeable. Also was a little bloated for the gear i was on, def could of been leaner. So after reading extensivley i came to the conclution that i must be sensative to progesterone build up rather then the estrogen i was assuming was the culprit. Although i did read a post by hooker that read "progesterone isnt a problem in absence of estrogen." So whats the need for bromo (a progesterone blocker im assuming) if u can eliminate estrone through use of A/L - Dex or Masteron?? So now itz time to go to the dark side one again. Id like to run, Test Prop. 100mgs EOD+ Tren 75mgs EOD. Now if i run masteron, according to Hooker should surpress estrogen and progesterone but it it surpressive enough for someone sensative to progesterone(im assuming from the first cycle). Bottom line, i dont want Gyno it just aint sexy.........what should i run with my prop tren cycle to avoid gyno. Any input is greatly apprecitated.

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    Letro at 1.25 every 3 days should work for the estrogen part of the cycle, B-6 is used for progesterone but I'm not sure what the dose is since it doesn't effect me like that


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