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    I finally joined up!! Im glad to be a member of this forum. I've been reading and researching for a while now( I know i still have ways to go) so i decided i might as well join up.

    A little background info:25yrs 5'10" 230lbs around 15% bf give or take. been lifting off and on for about 4 years(seriously for about 6mo). Thinking of cycling but no time soon I still have some personal goals to achieve. Ill be doing more bodybuilding type workouts to gain some quality mass untill early next year, then i will move on to a football type training routine.

    Goals: I want to get to a fit 245-250 for football. 10%bf or lower
    400+ bench
    400+ Deadlift

    I know that I can learn alot from you all.

    just for kicks how does:
    Dbol week 1-4
    Sus week 1-10
    deca week 1-10
    clomid pct sound for a first cycle???


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    no need for dbol buddy...its usually in there to kick start cycles..but since its your first you don't need that. but you will want to use it in maybe your 2nd or 3rd cycle. if your gonna go that route.. you should run the test for 11 weeks and deca for 10.. different half lifes. good luck.

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